How the cloud can give your business more than work flexibility

Work is no longer about sitting in an office from nine till five. Modern technology has afforded us the opportunity to work where and how we want using the devices and platforms we’re most familiar with. Cloud and mobile technologies have enabled workforce mobility by allowing businesses to create location- and device-independent computing architectures that allow their employees to enjoy greater workplace flexibility.

13 Cybersecurity terms that every business leader should know about

Understanding technical security terms and concepts is one of the most consistent complaints we hear from clients. That’s why we strive to deliver service explanations and benefits in plain English. Unfortunately, some of the jargon is unavoidable, which is why we’ve compiled a list to help you understand some of the more common terms.

5 Reasons why businesses are failing at digital transformation

No matter the industry, you’ll be hard pressed to find any modern business that isn’t investing in digital technology such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, or managed services. But there’s an alarming truth about digital transformation: according to Forbes, 84% of companies are failing to achieve their goals.

5 Alarming cybersecurity facts (and what they mean to your business)

Organizations are investing more into information security every year and with good reason. As the costs of data breaches continue to skyrocket and hackers take advantage of an ever wider range of attack methods, business leaders are facing a constant battle to regain control and stay one step ahead of the threats.

How much can you actually save by going virtual?

February 11th, 2019

Technology makes business collaboration and communication easier than ever. With virtualization, your employees no longer have to be at the office to do their tasks and interact with colleagues. All they need is a trusty device and a stable internet connection, and they can work anytime, anywhere.