You can afford extraordinary IT management and consulting

Whether your organization needs unlimited support as a subscription service or a trustworthy team that charges case-by-case, OC-IT is the provider for you. Our technicians work day and night to help Orange County businesses reach their full potential. No matter when you call, we guarantee response times that inspire confidence in our support and stamp out uncertainty surrounding your technology.

24/7 Monitoring, Alerting and Reporting

Even with several in-house IT employees, you’d be hard pressed to match our vigilant network supervision.

Preventative Maintenance

Instead of just fixing technology when it breaks, our team focuses on long-term solutions that keep you productive far into the future.

Fixed Costs

Our pricing models exclude hidden fees and line-item charges so clients always know exactly how much to budget for IT maintenance.

Adaptive Security

With such a large staff, our technicians have the capacity to branch out and specialize in new fields so our services are always ahead of the curve.

We rely on our phones and computers just like all businesses these days. If one, or both phone and/or computer goes down, we start losing money exponentially. OC-IT designed and implemented our computer and phone infrastructure to ensure business continuity, our biggest concern. Not only has OC-IT’s ...Read More

Agents West

Agents West
Sales Manager

The biggest reason why we tried OC-IT to manage our network is because our previous computer support did not respond to our needs in a timely manner. The reason why we now are committed to using OC-IT is because they showed instant proof in value added services. It’s amazing how not only do they ...Read More


President and CEO

OC-IT replaced our previous IT Company because they were slow to respond and too many times left issues unresolved. When OC-IT took over, we were amazed with their ability to respond quickly and fix issues that occurred, before we lost our ability to work. Things that we didn’t know our computers ...Read More