Go virtual, be green, and save up to 70% on overall IT costs

Virtualization is changing the way people think about running their IT network and transforming the landscape of IT. As a proven software technology, virtualization runs multiple virtual machines on a single physical machine, sharing the resources of that single computer across multiple environments.

Because of this, business owners are not only saying goodbye to bulky physical servers that take up a huge amount of office space; they’re eliminating energy and maintenance costs required to keep these hardware operational. With OC-IT’s Virtualization solutions, we empower you to do more work with less hardware and costs, thanks to this technology delivered via the internet.

With OC-IT’s Virtualization solutions, you can:

  • Reduce hardware costs by increasing energy efficiency and using less hardware
  • Support multiple operating systems on a single computer
  • Run Windows operating system on a Mac
  • Ensure your enterprise applications perform with the highest availability and performance
  • Reduce service support calls by improving enterprise desktop management and control
  • Improved disaster recovery solutions