Hosted Services

Save time and money by eliminating hardware and utility expenses

Many small- and medium-sized business owners who start out using their web hosting accounts to support their organization’s email systems soon discover that they require support that is more flexible, stable, and accountable.

Upgrade your growing company’s email and backup system to OC-IT’s Hosted Services to ensure your network of optimal levels of reliability, security and stability, while minimizing costs and eliminating maintenance efforts.

Our Hosted Services include offsite backup systems in a reliable data center as well as solutions hosted in a flexible cloud environment that delivers the computing resources you need to be productive.

With OC-IT’s Hosted Services, you can expect:

  • Quality email systems with flexible filtering and spam protection
  • Stable offsite and automated backup
  • No hardware expense
  • One company accountable
  • Predictable monthly budget
  • Reduction in overhead and utility costs