Technology Relocation

We take the headaches out of moving and setting up

Moving a company can be overwhelming even at the best of times, but with OC-IT by your side, we’ll take the stress out of the process so you and your staff can get back to working at your new space quickly and without much ado.

With OC-IT’s Technology Relocation service, we give you the confidence that your technology infrastructure will be intact, backed up, and operational to minimize downtime and meet all those sensitive deadlines. Our dependable and scalable approach enables ease of management and connectivity and lower relocation costs with unified and professional moving, wiring, and cabling solutions for offices of all sizes.

OC-IT’s Technology Relocation service includes:

  • Relocation – timely and safe transport of your entire network, servers, workstations, and printers
  • Service Move Coordination – coordinated disconnect and reconnect of your internet, telephony, website, and email services
  • Workplace Cabling - installation of fiber optics for new or existing offices
  • Cabling Diagrams - set up a cabling blueprint for a robust network foundation