Signs it’s time to move on to a better managed services provider

February 25th, 2019
Signs it’s time to move on to a better managed services provider

Hiring a managed services provider (MSP) is a wise business decision. If you’ve already partnered with an MSP, that means you have the foresight that not a lot of companies have. You’re likely benefiting from lower IT costs, less downtime, better systems, and data security.

But if the MSP you’ve partnered with is giving you more troubles than solutions, maybe it’s time to bid them goodbye. Here are the five telltale signs that you need to replace them.

#1 Nothing stays fixed

Your MSP might not be proactively monitoring your systems if you’re experiencing the same problems over and over again. A reputable service provider should be vigilant in detecting and resolving IT issues such as failed backups, insufficient memory, and PC or server crashes, ideally before you even know about them. In addition, your MSP should document any incidents that disrupt your business and recommend steps to prevent or address any future issues.

If you still struggle with these issues on a regular basis, it means your MSP might only be applying quick fixes instead of long-term solutions. Encountering the same problems tells you that they lack expertise and professionalism or have poor monitoring and tracking systems. Whatever it is, it’s a sign that you have to let them go.

#2 Communication is not easy and open

Fast response time makes a world of difference in saving your business from catastrophes caused by downtime and other issues.

A recent report says that businesses lose $1.55 million per year due to IT downtime. If you’re always stuck with malfunctioning technology and endlessly waiting for your MSP’s response, it’s high time that you change your IT provider.

Apart from immediate responses, you should also require to have clear communications from them. It’s inevitable to hear technical jargon from time to time, but a good MSP will be able to explain technical issues in plain language. Their goal should be to provide support, not to confuse you.

#3 They can’t keep up with your company’s pace and growth

As your business expands, you increase your dependence on IT, which is why your MSP should keep up with your pace. The increasing bulk of data should have bigger and safer storage, and a booming business should be handled by a better and innovative MSP.

If your current service provider doesn’t have the resources to handle your growing IT needs, it’s time to part ways with them.

#4 Faulty backups

Some MSPs may get overwhelmed by their scheduled backups, especially if they have tons of clients with unique business needs and different backup requirements. If your MSP is not equipped to handle backup large volumes of data, it may cause your company even more problems. Backups should be completed in a timely and competent manner.

#5 Rigid contracts

A well-written and well-enforced contract is essential for a solid client-provider relationship. But if a contract is too rigid, you might end up getting the short end of the stick. Some businesses may go through structural changes or they may expand their services and product lines. If your MSP can’t adapt to these changes, it’s time to let them go.

A good MSP should be able to adapt to these changes and grow with your business. They should scale their services depending on your changing needs to ensure that your operations will encounter minimal disruptions during the process.

Your outsourced IT team must take the burden of IT management off your shoulders so you can focus on your company’s core operations. OC-IT will ensure the success of your company by delivering trustworthy IT solutions with a deep understanding of your business. If your San Clemente, Laguna Niguel, or Oceanside business needs a newer and better MSP, call us today!

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