How the cloud can give your business more than work flexibility

How the cloud can give your business more than work flexibility

Work is no longer about sitting in an office from nine till five. Modern technology has afforded us the opportunity to work where and how we want using the devices and platforms we’re most familiar with. Cloud and mobile technologies have enabled workforce mobility by allowing businesses to create location- and device-independent computing architectures that allow their employees to enjoy greater workplace flexibility. But, there’s much more to the cloud than empowering work flexibility. Let’s explore some of the other advantages.

Increasing your adaptability to change

The enterprise technology landscape is in a constant state of flux, and less agile organizations may find it extremely hard to keep up with all the new trends. All too often do they end up missing out on new market opportunities by being held back by outdated or unsuitable technology. By shifting your workloads to the cloud, you no longer need to worry about technology obsolescence or maintaining costly in-house data centers that will run out of capacity sooner or later. With the cloud, you get access to a practically limitless pool of shared computing resources hosted in a remote data center, enhancing your ability to adapt to change and keep ahead of the competition.

Overcoming the burden of downtime

Not only is downtime the single biggest killer of workplace productivity, but extended periods of unscheduled interruption can also cause irreparable damage to any company’s reputation. Companies often have to wait for technicians to come and repair damaged systems, while the invoices just keep piling up and the downtime continues.

With a dependable cloud provider, you have access to redundant systems stored in multiple off-site locations. The data centers belonging to technology giants like Amazon, Google, or Microsoft, for example, can store an establishment’s apps and data in several different places to greatly reduce, if not eliminate, downtime.

Easing administrative workloads

IT expertise is in high demand, and in-house teams often find themselves overburdened with technology problems and inefficient manual operations. Partnering with a dependable cloud provider can greatly ease the workload on your in-house team and bring their team’s skills and expertise to the table. Many cloud services also come with remote help desk support to provide employees with fast solutions, so that your workers no longer have to waste time trying to fix the issues themselves. With expert guidance and remote monitoring and maintenance on your side, you can shift toward a more proactive approach to technology management, thus increasing efficiency.

Predictable budgeting made easy

Businesses across every industry are spending more and more on technology, with Gartner forecasting global IT spending to reach about $4 trillion this year. However, many companies spend a lot more than they need to on technology, whether it’s due to overreliance on in-house systems or succumbing to all the hype. The cloud can help you turn almost everything into a predictable operational expense, so you won't have to spend more than you need to. Using the cloud for backup and storage also dramatically reduces the need for hardware upgrades and repairs.

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