5 Ways an MSP partnership can change your business for the better

5 Ways an MSP partnership can change your business for the better

As business leaders face increasing pressure to innovate, the need to build a scalable and adaptable IT infrastructure is greater than ever. While large enterprises can often achieve that by relying primarily on fully staffed technology departments, smaller organizations rarely have that luxury. Managed IT services providers (MSPs) are an outsourced alternative offering remote support under a subscription-based model as defined in their service level agreements (SLAs).

A partnership with a dependable MSP is one of the most important relationships that any small or medium-sized business can ever have. That’s because they have the skills and expertise to manage some or all of your technology systems and services for you. An MSP will create a tailored program specifically designed for your business to the extent that it offers much the same degree of functionality as having a dedicated IT department.

#1. Reduce unpredictable expenses

Traditional IT support follows the break/fix model, whereby services are usually fee-based and charged by the hour. These services may include hardware repairs, malware removal, or any other service needed to revive operations with minimal disruption. Other projects command a flat fee. But the problem with this support model is that it’s almost impossible to budget for, and the expenses can quickly start piling up for more complex projects. MSPs, however, provide proactive support for a fixed monthly fee, thereby negating unpredictable costs and reducing, if not eliminating, unexpected expenses.

#2. Become more adaptable to change

More than ever, innovation depends heavily on an organization’s ability to adapt to constantly changing market conditions and evolving technology. Companies that aren’t agile enough to adapt quickly end up missing out on valuable opportunities, which is precisely why so many established organizations have disappeared in recent years. Partnering with an MSP gives you access to the latest technologies and expertise on demand to ensure you never miss out on the next big opportunity.

#3. Align technology with business goals

A lack of alignment between business and technology is the most common reason for failing at digital transformation. Too often do companies invest a fortune in technology only to find it doesn’t yield the desired results. A reliable MSP is much more than just a technology vendor. They’re a valuable business partner with a vested interest in selecting and managing the right technology solutions for your business. A sure sign of a dependable partner is one who goes to great lengths to understand your company’s specific challenges and recommends the right technology to address them.

#4. Put security and compliance first

With data being the most valued commodity in the world, no business can afford to let security and compliance take a backseat. On the other hand, having an in-house IT department take care of everything is prohibitively expensive for small businesses. Fortunately, most MSPs also offer managed security services, such as remote management and monitoring, to proactively protect your business from the multitude of cyberthreats out there. Many MSPs also take a share of the responsibility in ensuring that your organization meets any compliance regulations it’s subject to.

#5. Empower greater workforce mobility

Thanks to the rise of mobile and cloud technologies, today’s workforce is more flexible than ever, and most employees now work at home or on the move at least some of the time. MSPs typically offer a full range of managed cloud services to facilitate stronger online collaboration while helping you maintain full visibility into your entire portfolio of digital assets. This makes it much easier to work with remote employees, expand into new markets, open new branches, and boost productivity.

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