Why Every Business Needs Regular Network Security Assessments

Why Every Business Needs Regular Network Security Assessments

No organization, regardless of its size, scope and industry, can afford to take a lax approach to network security. After all, chances are that data is your most important asset, to such an extent that losing it could mean closing your doors to business for good.

Although every business should plan for the worst with a robust backup and disaster recovery strategy, it also pays to take a proactive approach to reduce the chances of a data breach occurring in the first place. Since almost every business process is now governed by technology, you need to have every possible measure in place to protect your IT investments and the data they store.

Keeping Up with New Technology (and New Threats)

The power of innovation is one of the key drivers behind every business, but with new technology comes a new set of challenges.

Applications and the operating systems that run them regularly come with security vulnerabilities right out of the box, and new communications platforms make it even easier for hackers to disguise themselves as powerful figures. And by the time you straighten out these issues, your IT is out of date and no longer supported by its creators. In short, the cyberthreat landscape is changing as quickly as technology itself, and hackers are constantly upping their game to stay one step ahead.

Conducting regular network security assessments keeps you abreast of changes in enterprise technology environments and the problems that come with them. Since cybercriminals are always striving to stay ahead of their potential victims, you also need to stay at the forefront of innovation, and that means knowing your network as thoroughly as possible. Chances are, your network is constantly evolving as you introduce more apps and devices into the mix. That’s why your cybersecurity strategy is only as effective as it is up to date.

Network security audits help keep you informed not just about the state of your current network, but also about the current cyberthreat landscape. Armed with a complete inventory of your network infrastructure, including devices, protocols, operating systems, apps and firmware, you’ll be able to assign a risk factor to each component based on how up-to-date and how well-maintained it is. After all, you can’t hope to stay aware of the threats facing your business if you don’t know where the potential attack entry points are.

Bring Peace of Mind to Your Organization

Data security and privacy are the concerns of the century, both in the home and in the workplace. That’s why you can never be too careful when it comes to protecting your corporate data and the information entrusted to you by your customers. To that end, regular network security assessments from certified technicians offer both customers and employees the peace of mind they expect from any reputable business.

Furthermore, a formalized cybersecurity auditing strategy also provides you with the documentation you need to prove to your clients and any relevant legal bodies that you take security and data confidentiality seriously, which improves your reputation and spurs your growth.

Some industries, such as healthcare and finance, are legally required to conduct regular network assessments to remain compliant with standards such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA and SOX. By merging network security and compliance, you’ll be able to conduct an effective risk, vulnerability and compliance assessment that demonstrates your efforts to stay on the right side of the law.

At OC-IT, our cybersecurity plans don’t just offer you and your employees greater peace of mind – they also help ensure that you’re meeting compliance regulations facing your business. If you’re ready to implement enterprise-grade security, call us today to get your free assessment.